What To Expect
When Presenting a Patient For Critical Care

1. In most cases you will have arrived at this site as a referral from your family veterinarian, or as the result of a web search.

  1. It is our hope that you call first so we can prepare for your immediate needs and explain the financial responsibilities

3. On arrival you will fill out client and patient information and then we will begin taking a history, recording vitals signs and then progress with an examination.

5. In most cases, patients will require laboratory Complete Blood Count, electrolytes, blood chemistry and/or digital radiographs.

6. At this point you will receive a treatment plan and a request for financial commitment.

7. Finally, it is hoped we will have a course direction for treatment. There may be outpatient solutions. In other cases the patient may need in-hospital patient care and 24 hour nursing care. Intravenous catheters will be placed and initial medications give.

8. Attempts will be made to project the cost and duration of this patient care. Sometime this is impossible or difficult to determine. An treatment plan will be projected again and a deposit taken.

9. All fees, services and history are recorded digitally. Fees per service are similar to those of full service referring practices. Because of the nature of the types of cases presented and the the required magnitude of necessary services, the accumulated fees may be great in total than in basic well care delivery.

10. While the patient is in the hospital you are encouraged to call frequently for updates. Technicians, nursing staff and doctors are available 24 hours a day.

11. Once a patient is ready for discharge you will be presented with the complete digital medical record VIA email, and necessary medication / supplies.

12. Some patients will be ready to go home and others may be transferred to your family veterinarian. In patients going home, we will explain necessary aftercare and email digital medical records to your family veterinarian. In most cases we will be in constant communication with your family veterinarian during treatment and on discharge.
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